So   what   does   the   future   hold?      Will   it   be   glorious   beyond   description, or   turn   into   a   horrible   nightmare?   According   to   the   end   time   scenario presented   in   the   Bible;   for   the   vast   majority   of   people   now   living   on this   planet,   it   will   either   be   one   or   the   other. And   the   good   news   is   you got a little time left to decide which fate you wish to experience. Shout   At   Midnight   is   a   scroll   down   137   page   document   supersite eBook   that   presents   a   Bible   based   viewpoint   of   the   future   (link   listed at   the   botton   of   page) .   First   published   on   the   web April   16,   2016, This document   has   been   updated   and   revised   to   take   into   account   events that have unfolded since then  There   is   a   general   agreement   on   the   interpretation   of   Bible   prophecy concerning    the    end    times    that    is    held    by    many    Bible    believing ministries and evangelical churches on several points; 1. the Rapture of the Church 2. formation of a ten nation political powerhouse tagged the revived Roman Empire 3. A seven year tribulation period:                                                         1st half dominated by peace and prosperity                                        2nd half by war and nuclear destruction                                                                           4. the appearance of Antichrist - a powerful world leader who would provide the world peace and security, and in exchange be deified and worshiped 5. the rebuilding of the Temple of God in Jerusalem 6. a new economic setup requiring a mark to be placed on the right hand or forehead 7. Russia invades the Middle East including Israel 8. martyrdom of vast numbers of new converts to Jesus during the upcoming seven year tribulation period (selected method of execution; the guillotine) 9. war pitting the Western world against the Orient in the most destructive and bloodiest conflict ever fought on earth 10. the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ  (Based on the Jewish Date Scenari 2nd Coming, God has revealved the exact date Jesus is coming back to earth. To check it out and judge for yourself the link is located at the bottom of pqge). Bible    prophecy    as    presented    in    Shout   At    Midnight    eBook,    is    the viewpoint   and   interpretation   of   this   ministry,   and   does   not   claim   to represent   the   viewpoint   or   belief   of   any   other   ministry   or   religious organizatyion beyond the general consensus. Shout   At   Midnight   reveals    the   events   that   will   shake   the   world   tomorrow. Here’s a preview of what lies just ahead: The sudden evacuation of people from earth as hundreds of millions vanish. Referred to as the Rapture. (This is the one event you don’t want to miss. This is really the only hope you are anyone else has for the future). Afterwards the downfall of the United States as America’s preeminent position on earth collapses. An assassination attempt critically wounding a member of European royalty, followed by a miraculous recovery out of his death-like condition that will astound the world, and elevate him as the top world leader on planet Earth. Peace arrives in the Middle East. The re-introduction of emperor worship at the rebuilt Temple of God in Jerusalem.  A 3D hologram ‘laser tattooed’ on human skin viewable only in ultra-violet light; a procedure that will become mandatory in order for people to buy and sell. The sudden disappearance of people on a global scale, the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple, and wars in which nuclear weapons will be used (in that order); will occur during the pontification of Pope Francis. Now    if    you    don’t    know    and    are    wondering    what    this    mysterious vanishing act called the Rapture is all about?            (The Bible reveals in 1 Corinthians 15:51-54 & Philippians 3:20-21 of the New Testament, that Christians living on earth at the time of the end would never die. Instead their fragile mortal bodies would be instantly changed into glorified, superhuman bodies bypassing physical death altogether.                       This instant transformation into ageless immortality occurring at the Rapture of the Church. When according to 1 Thessalonians 4:15- 18, Christians are caught up into the skies to meet Jesus in the air when he comes to take us away to heaven.           No radar technology, distant seeing enhancement tools, or 20/20 vision will be able to detect this happening. For this particular coming of the Lord to receive his own (John 14:13) will be invisible to the world left behind. The only clue; the sudden worldwide disappearance of men, women, children and their household pets all at once). After   receiving   a   vision   of   the   resurrected   Savior,   the   Apostle   Paul was    sent    by    the    Lord    Jesus    on    a    mission    to    the    world’s    pagan population   with   instructions.   “To   open   their   eyes,   to   turn   them   from darkness   to   light,   and   from   the   power   of   Satan   unto   God,   that   they may   receive   forgiveness   of   sins,   and   INHERITANCE   among   them who are sanctified by faith that is in me.” (Acts 26:17,18). This   inheritance   from   God   will   be   like   winning   the   lottery,   except   this jackpot   will   far   exceed   your   wildest   dreams. And   to   win   this   jackpot   all you have to do is receive eternal salvation and not go to hell. Without   adding   any   pre-conditions   or   subsequent   conditions   beyond the   stated   requirement,   the   Holy   Spirit   inspired   the   Apostle   Paul   to proclaim,   “That   if   you   shall   confess   with   the   mouth   of   you   Lord   Jesus or   Jesus   [is]   Lord,   and   shall   believe   in   your   heart   that   God   has   raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.” (Romans 10:9). So   all   anyone   need   do   is   call   out   “Lord   Jesus,   save   me’.   and   believe that he did, Then according to  Romans 10:13, you shall be saved It’s   upon   this   simple   declaration   of   faith   that   Jesus,   the   Lord   unto salvation,   the   Lord   of   redemption,   the   Lord   of   the   New   Coveanat,   and no   one   else,   becomes   your   savior, Your   inner   spirit   man,   the   real   you, being   born   again   into   eternal   life,   becoming   a   son   or   daughter   of God,   If   you   so   confessed   and   believed,   then   according   to   Colossians   1:12 God   the   Father   has   qualified   you   to   share   the   inheritance   of   the saints. A   big   part   of   this   inheritance   is   revealed   in   Revelation   2:26-27 “.   .   .   .   to   him   will   I   [Jesus]   give   power   (authority)   over   the   nations,   and he   shall   rule   them   with   a   rod   of   iron,   like   vessals   of   pottery   shall   they be broken into pieces , , , “ (in correlation with Psalm 2:8-9) . Him   and   he   are   singular   pronouns.   Nations,   them   and   they   are   plural, referring    to    many.    Shall    ‘rule’    is    from    a    Greek    word    meaning supervision,    such    as    the    management    of    cattle    or    sheepl.    under human    control,    An    iron    rod    denotes    governing    authority    and. invincible might. The power to rule over and destroy. Since    there    can    only    be    a    finite    number    of    nations    on    earth    in contrast    to    the    much    larger    number    of    believers,    the    scope    and demand    of    this    scripture    must    include    the    future    development    of human societies living on other planets. When   you   read   Shout   At   Midnight   (link   listed   at   the   botton   of   page) and   learn   the   extent   of   this   inheritance   that   every   Chriustian   saint   will recieve    is    going    to    be    impossiable    for    our    human    minds    to comprehend, Eternity   is   going   to   be   a   wonderfully   exciting   time   to   live   in,   and   the adventure will last forever. So   consider   the   advantages   of   receiving   the   Lord   Jesus   Christ   as your   Savior.   You’ll   be   caught   away   into   heaven   at   the   Rapture   of   the Church   and   miss   the   ravaging   horrors   of   nuclear   war.   You’ll   escape eternal    damnation    in    the    lake    of    fire    (Revelation    20:11-15),    and instead   rule   over   a   vast   multi-world   kingdom.   And   if   one   were   to   die and   depart   from   their   body   before   the   Rapture   occurs;   then   instead   of being   hurled   down   into   the   pits   of   hell,   will   step   over   into   t   glories   and enjoy the pleasures of paradise. Yes! Jesus is the only way to You’ll     discover     the     connection     between     Pope     Francis     and     a European   king   that   will   bring   about   the   reappearance   of   Caesar   on the world stage. Has God provided us with obvious Rapture clues? Is the world moving headlong toward the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah? Can    we    expect    God    to    perform    miracles,    instant    supernatural healings,   and   make   contact   through   visions,   dreams   and   prophesies in these very last days? Is the USA mentioned in the Bible? You bet. it is, But not by name. After   the   Rapture   of   the   Church, America   will   cease   to   be   the   premier world power it is today. Therefore the USA is basically ignored. But   since   America   is   the   greatest   superpower   of   all   time,   it   can’t   be totally ignored. The   scripture   pinpoints America   (and   not   the   former   British   Empire)   to be   the   7th   world   power   in   Revelation   ch   17.   And   signifies   this   world power would arise at the end of the age. It    would    be    these;    this    7th    world    power    and    a    ten    nation    West European   coalition,   tied   together   in   some   kind   of   organization   (such as   NATO),   who   would   pledge   their   full   political   support   and   military backing   to   the Antichrist   forming   an   8th   world   power.   Making   this   man the most powerful figure the world has ever encountered. What’s   unique   about   this   ten   nation   West   European   coalition   is;   it   first came   into   existence   as   the   Western   European   Union   in   1954,   then cease    to    exist    in    2011.    It    will    again    re-exist    and    possess    strong similarities to the Holy Roman Empire. Also,   although   the   Antichrist   will   be   European   and   not   an   American, the   United   States   will   have   a   special   connection   to   this   man   in   a   way that    will    bind    them    together.   America,    with    its    military    might    and technological excellence, will be given as a gift to the Antichrist. To grasp the enormity of the inheritance that awaits all Christian saints in Christ’.click the Shout At Midnight ebook above  Goto ch 1, subtitle “grace, redemtionm & worlds beyond” p 23. Read to at least the first sentence on p 25 to get the full extent. To exit; mouse over button labeled chapter 1 on top of page, Chapter title will appear. Click. This will take you to navigation bar on chapter 1 title page. Goto to chapter 5 subtitle “”to rule the worlds foreverr”, p 107. Read